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I have a dream on Africa’s political leadership and economic affairs, Africa is the sleeping giant and if the political class could unite we can form a very formidable block which can rival the European Union & The United States of America.

According to my vision the capital city of this new block will be in Harare, Zimbabwe a federal system of government will amplify Africa’s influence across the World.
As the lyrics of  “We’re The World” by Michael Jackson famously stated “We can’t go on pretending day by day That someone, somewhere will soon make a change”; this means that we as  Africans are the ones to take charge of our own future.

As the leading East African Astrologer I urge you my African brothers and sisters we need to stop killing one another and unite behind a common goal of making our lives better.

Africa is endowed with vast amount of wealth in mineral resources and yet it’s the poorest continent on earth this is majorly due to poor governance.

Poor Governance is to blame for this problem but there are other underlying issues which I shall point out below;

 1.Security: Foreign investment can thrive within this continent if investor are assured that they will not loose their investment due to political instability for instance.

The African heads should not shy away from seeking help from International Community we can benefit from  cutting edge technological knowledge which can help has fight crime.

2.Education: The continent as a whole needs to invest heavily in education we need the developed countries to partner with us in creating curriculum that promotes entrepreneurship. This can only happen if we show accountability by fighting corruption and ensuring that there is transparency in this sector. Our Kids should be able to get the best Education in Africa without having to travel abroad.

3.Health: There is a saying that goes “Health is Wealth” the current state of the African health sector is depressing from lack of the required drugs, personnel, equipment and to unpaid wages of the doctors and nurses.

Seeking specialized treatment is very expensive in Africa that’s why the ruling elite choose to fly abroad for treatment, majority of the African people cannot afford to fly abroad thus they end up dying of illness that could be treated.

This sector needs thorough overhaul and investment  which can only be  done effectively if we collaborate with developed nations and by fighting corruption ruthlessly.

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