Are Witch Doctors Good

Are Witch Doctors Good

Are Witch Doctors Good

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This question has been asked ever since the Europeans stepped foot in African and it is a question that divides opinion although a lot of people visit traditional healers and witch doctors for different reason only few can admit to doing this because there is some public shame attached to visiting a traditional healer.

Now back to the question of whether traitional healers or witch doctors are good my answer is absolutely yes they are good, now I understand that in a group of people there might be a few who are unprofessional but witch doctors in general are honest people and most of them are family people.

Visiting a witch doctor should not be hard for you remember the people you think are judging you they have their own problems that are occupying their mind.

Witch doctor solve issues that cannot be solved by pastors or a spiritual leaders such as breaking curses, exorcising evil spirits and so on.

Are Witch Doctors Good

Are Witch Doctors Good


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