Negative Energy Remedies in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Rwanda

Negative Energy Remedies in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Rwanda

Negative Energy Remedies in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Rwanda. Negative Energies can pull you down if you let them it is very important for you to know how to deal with them and handle them properly because every person has them but how one person handles them differs from how another person handles them it is important for us to be the best form of us that we want to see in the World.

Negative Energy Remedies in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Rwanda

Negative Energy Remedies in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Rwanda

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mugabe should have resigned 30 years ago

Robert Mugabe Should have Resigned 30 years ago it’s too little too late

mugabe should have resigned 30 years ago
Robert Mugabe is doing too little too late he should have vacated the presidency 30 years ago the fact
that he has held on to power for 37 years tells you he is a greedy man & a dictator.
Although he fought for independence he has undone all his good deeds.
All African Dictators should open their eyes & resign nobody needs to rule forever.




If you remember what I had said on the 2nd of May 2017 about the Kenya elections of 8th August 2017 and what has happened has happened since then, we get many questions without answers. The way I’m looking at this is that we may not get a president on 17th October, the truth of the matter is we could still end up in the supreme court with either side filing a petition.

My Astrological insight tells me that the IEBC is joking with Election of Kenya for example 1+1=2 and also 2+2=4 and also 4-2=2.

I would also like to advice religious leaders as I have always done to be non partisan in these elections once more.

To some MPS of certain parties should be very careful the way they react in Public and the way they behave, they may cause  what they would not like at the end of the day, I am saying this as an Astrologer and not a politician.

Astrological insight also tells me that the elections of 17th October 2017 could be  extended to next year because of the IEBC complications and the politicians Satisfaction, according to my visions the 2017 October Presidential Election has  a lot of complications compared to the past elections due to dishonesty among the players.

With that said I guarantee the Western Countries that Kenya will remain Peaceful and I urge the International Community to be honest about the Kenyan Elections, play honest diplomacy.

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Raila Odinga is not a threat to any country or mankind of the world today also Mr. Kenyatta is not a threat to any country or mankind of the world today.

International communities should rely on the intelligence of their countries for example the United Kingdom should listen to the advice of MI15, the United States should also follow the advice from the CIA and of course the FBI. The United Nations should use the respect of the UN to Unite Kenyans and not to destroy Kenya.

For the Observer mission from African Union, the AU should not have sent Thabo Mbeki as an observer for the Kenyan Elections.  Mr. Thabo Mbeki former South African President was a failure himself as the president South Africa, I remember one incident when he told the South Africans that there was no HIV AIDS  and due to his remarks many South Africans died such that the public cemeteries were filled in the major cities. If I am lying he should come out and dispute this or go to court I am ready to face him in court according to 1×1 (SIA).

I was not also shocked by John Kerry former US secretary of State, Americans believe that America comes first and anyone else comes second including Kenya.

Ignorance is the Most silent Killer (Proverbs 14:15) The Holly Bible advises also read (James 1 : 14:15) and  I want to advice the IEBC Commissioners to be aware of the Holly Bible versus especially (James 1 : 14:15)

We were also told that the Ten Commandments are more important than any Laws of Mankind . Presidential Candidates of 2017 should be aware of the versus of the Holly Bible I have mentioned above (James 1 : 14:15)  Ignore this if you created yourself but if you Know that you were created by God respect it.

I keep repeating to Kenyan People to vote wisely/peacefully and to remain in love with each other also Kenyan youths should respect their neighbours don’t turn against your fellow Kenyan, the politicians come and go Kenya remains Kenya. The police should stand with the wananchi, because these politicians will come and come go, the courts should also stand with the Kenyan People not politicians.

Its so sad to see religious leaders fail to unite the country and become partisan they are chasing money.

Lastly the Coming Presidential Elections will  be peaceful, I can see Stars illuminating their lights on Lake Victoria area, there is actually a bright light hovering around Kenya’s Lake Victoria region and that light is headed to the State House Nairobi, still the man who contested is likely to win and the country will be peaceful, unless a few disgruntled politicians decide to cause chaos, I stand by my previous predictions

The stars don’t lie, Astrological Calculation will never go wrong.






Omar Al Bashir Sudan East African Astrologer


Omar Al Bashir Sudan East African Astrologer

Omar al-Bashir shall rule Sudan for more years to come, he has a strong grip on the leadership of his country. He is an authoritarian given how other leaders in the African have hang on to power i.e Robert Mugabe at 73years Old I would say Omar Al Bashir is just getting started. The way he has Governed Sudan leaves no doubt that he still sees himself as being able to last for some years to come. The biggest concern for Omar Al Bashir is that if he vacates office and new President is elected he might be handed over to International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity. This would be humiliating to him since he has talked tough in the past about the same court and an arrest warrant still hangs over his head.

His best move and the one he would likely prefer is to stay in office until he is no longer capable to rule. As long as he stays in power he can pause the ICC issue and the sure only way not to lose a game is by pausing the game.

East African Astrologer: Why Amina Mohamed lost AUC chair bid.

She failed because the government paid little attention To the SADC Nations, they did not lobby  properly in South Africa. This nations abstained in the seventh round giving Moussa Faki Mahamat of Chad the job.  Also emerging news that Uganda voted against her means alot about our relationship with our neighbours.
Instead of Amina they should have chosen people like Sam Ongeri, Chirau Ali Makwere, Jeff Koinange, Jakaya Kikwete or Riek Machar. In my opinion Riek Machar was more qualified for this job than any other Candidate.
She should have consulted the right astrologers. Any time from now I will come up with the presidential Predictions.


NOTE: With out any fear or favour I shall mention the name and party.

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