East African Astrologer: Why Amina Mohamed lost AUC chair bid.

She failed because the government paid little attention To the SADC Nations, they did not lobby  properly in South Africa. This nations abstained in the seventh round giving Moussa Faki Mahamat of Chad the job.  Also emerging news that Uganda voted against her means alot about our relationship with our neighbours.
Instead of Amina they should have chosen people like Sam Ongeri, Chirau Ali Makwere, Jeff Koinange, Jakaya Kikwete or Riek Machar. In my opinion Riek Machar was more qualified for this job than any other Candidate.
She should have consulted the right astrologers. Any time from now I will come up with the presidential Predictions.


NOTE: With out any fear or favour I shall mention the name and party.