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Horoscope Expert in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania

Horoscope Expert in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania

When it comes to horoscopes and everything associated with it Dr. Sharif Ayub East African Astrologer is the leader in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan, and Tanzania no one comes close to his wealth of experience accrued over 20 years.

Dr. Sharif Ayub has been interpreting stars for mankind for over 20 years now, he has also talked about stars touching leadership in Africa. This includes something he called a ‘dark cloud’ that was hanging and continues to hang around some African Countries.

He has also interpreted stars of  African leaders telling them whether in their families there will be a president in the future. With his Horoscope expertise, he has predicted elections correctly from Kenya to the United States and Other countries such as Nigeria.

Dr. Sharif Ayub also predicted that Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump will eventually meet he did this prediction in 2017, feel free to get in touch.

Horoscope Expert in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania

Horoscope Expert in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania

Dr. Sharif Ayub East African Astrologer

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Who do Politicians Think they Are, Kenya 2017 Presidential Election Breakdown

My Solution to Kenyan Political Situation, 1963-2017, Presidential Election

Who do Politicians Think they Are, Kenya 2017 Presidential Election Breakdown

Who do Politicians Think they Are, Kenya 2017 Presidential Election Breakdown

I have been mostly talking about what is going to happen, let me today talk on what I think is a good solution to the current Political situation.  We need  to select three elders from each tribe of the 44 tribes of Kenya and let the elders meet to make a political decision on who will be given the mandate to  run this Country.

There should be no political interference from anyone let the elders decide, I can see them being a perfect solution to Kenya.

We cannot go on pretending day by day that someone somewhere will come and  make a change  of leadership for us, its time for religious leaders like the Chief Kadhi, Al Muhdhar A.S. Hussein and Cardinal John Njue to come together and oversee the process.

These elders and the religious leaders  should not accept any bribes kind of bribes because this kind of thing will come back to haunt them please read 1st James 14:15

I would also like the Attorney General Mr. Githu Muigai to know that there are many wise men in Kenya and also he should read Proverbs 14:15 

I also want to urge all Kenyans to remain in love and peaceful with other Kenyans youth in Kenya should maintain peace and should not accept to be used by politicians for their selfish gains, we all want peace in the entire world.

Politicians should know that they are not more patriotic than any other Kenyan, actually politicians are very weak creatures I think you understand what I mean they should stop joking with the the lives of innocent Kenyans. I know politicians have a limited time to stay on earth. This kind of misbehaviour forgetting they did not create themselves no way it cannot go like that Change yourselves Politicians.

Dishonesty is destroying Kenya, Kenya is headed towards the Yellow colour I repeat again to the elders of Kenya and religious leaders you need to stand with Kenyans and I am talking about the religious leaders who go around collecting money from politicians. I remember a friend of mine who told me while we were having a meeting that what goes around comes around I know the games that you religious leaders like to play, remember this interesting verse  1st James 14:15. 

Instead of uniting Kenyans,  politicians who will all know are weak creatures look at themselves as if they are more superior than the ordinary Kenyan and I’m asking political groups to think clearly on the future of Kenya and I’m advising Mr. Wafula Chebukati to stand with Kenyans and not politicians.

Even Jesus Christ died because of the sins of other people according to the Holly Bible, I can see Kenya transforming from Saul to Paul I expect judges of Africa now to let Justice to be seen to be done. Kenya is now super power in Africa.



[Attention:] Any Time from Now I shall talk about what is happening in Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, South Sudan, Burundi & Uganda.





If you remember what I had said on the 2nd of May 2017 about the Kenya elections of 8th August 2017 and what has happened has happened since then, we get many questions without answers. The way I’m looking at this is that we may not get a president on 17th October, the truth of the matter is we could still end up in the supreme court with either side filing a petition.

My Astrological insight tells me that the IEBC is joking with Election of Kenya for example 1+1=2 and also 2+2=4 and also 4-2=2.

I would also like to advice religious leaders as I have always done to be non partisan in these elections once more.

To some MPS of certain parties should be very careful the way they react in Public and the way they behave, they may cause  what they would not like at the end of the day, I am saying this as an Astrologer and not a politician.

Astrological insight also tells me that the elections of 17th October 2017 could be  extended to next year because of the IEBC complications and the politicians Satisfaction, according to my visions the 2017 October Presidential Election has  a lot of complications compared to the past elections due to dishonesty among the players.

With that said I guarantee the Western Countries that Kenya will remain Peaceful and I urge the International Community to be honest about the Kenyan Elections, play honest diplomacy.

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Raila Odinga is not a threat to any country or mankind of the world today also Mr. Kenyatta is not a threat to any country or mankind of the world today.

International communities should rely on the intelligence of their countries for example the United Kingdom should listen to the advice of MI15, the United States should also follow the advice from the CIA and of course the FBI. The United Nations should use the respect of the UN to Unite Kenyans and not to destroy Kenya.

For the Observer mission from African Union, the AU should not have sent Thabo Mbeki as an observer for the Kenyan Elections.  Mr. Thabo Mbeki former South African President was a failure himself as the president South Africa, I remember one incident when he told the South Africans that there was no HIV AIDS  and due to his remarks many South Africans died such that the public cemeteries were filled in the major cities. If I am lying he should come out and dispute this or go to court I am ready to face him in court according to 1×1 (SIA).

I was not also shocked by John Kerry former US secretary of State, Americans believe that America comes first and anyone else comes second including Kenya.

Ignorance is the Most silent Killer (Proverbs 14:15) The Holly Bible advises also read (James 1 : 14:15) and  I want to advice the IEBC Commissioners to be aware of the Holly Bible versus especially (James 1 : 14:15)

We were also told that the Ten Commandments are more important than any Laws of Mankind . Presidential Candidates of 2017 should be aware of the versus of the Holly Bible I have mentioned above (James 1 : 14:15)  Ignore this if you created yourself but if you Know that you were created by God respect it.

I keep repeating to Kenyan People to vote wisely/peacefully and to remain in love with each other also Kenyan youths should respect their neighbours don’t turn against your fellow Kenyan, the politicians come and go Kenya remains Kenya. The police should stand with the wananchi, because these politicians will come and come go, the courts should also stand with the Kenyan People not politicians.

Its so sad to see religious leaders fail to unite the country and become partisan they are chasing money.

Lastly the Coming Presidential Elections will  be peaceful, I can see Stars illuminating their lights on Lake Victoria area, there is actually a bright light hovering around Kenya’s Lake Victoria region and that light is headed to the State House Nairobi, still the man who contested is likely to win and the country will be peaceful, unless a few disgruntled politicians decide to cause chaos, I stand by my previous predictions

The stars don’t lie, Astrological Calculation will never go wrong.






Will Rachel Shebesh Lose in August 2017 Elections?

Rachel Shebesh women rep win in 2013 was partly influenced by Senator Mike Sonko’s support for her. Since then they have fallen out spectacularly while Mike Sonko is a very savvy campaigner Rachel Shebesh lacks this quality. Rachel Shebesh should not be comfortable thinking she has the Nairobi County Women Representative seat in her bag. Coupled with the fact that she seems to lean toward Peter Kenneth now as Opposed to Mike Sonko should also worry her.
I would advise her not to pick sides when it comes to Jubilee Governor Nomination Race if she will support Peter Kenneth and Mike Sonko wins the race that will be a big blow to her campaign even before the elections.
She will need to campaign harder this time since the support that Mike Sonko gave her last time is not there. My Astrological Insights also tell me that she does not generate a lot of excitement that will lure the electorate to back her in August 2017. All that said she still has a chance to retain the Women Rep Seat but the competition will be very stiff this time.



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