Tom Wolf the Ipsos “researcher” is not doing Kenyans any justice by providing opinion polls which in my view are very skewed.

Tom Wolf should treat all the candidates fairly and know that there are people who can predict with pin point accuracy than him, his team or company (Ipsos).

Especially me I have predicted a lot of elections correctly for the past 20years with that in mind  I would say my Astrological Predictions are more accurate that Ipsos polls.

My Astrological insight tells me that Ipsos led by Tom Wolf is very wrong, baseless and biased the good thing is that many Kenyans can see through the noise.

Why is Ipsos doing opinion polls very often nowadays and why are they focused on the Presidential Race alone,

Why can’t they predict the Gubernatorial, Senatorial or Member of Parliament race like I have done already?

Why are they fixated on the presidential race while NASA has not yet selected their flag bearer?

Why this obsession with the popularity of UhuRuto and Raila? Why are the numbers adding up?

The media is squarely to blame for this for giving Tom Wolf and his “polls” a lot of airtime without questioning the integrity of the polls.

Like Mark Twain famously said there are three kinds of lies; lies, damn lies & statistics; Ipsos is using statistics to shape public opinion which will end with them losing the little credibility they have left.

God Bless Kenya, One people.

Please Note: This message is not sponsored by any politician & should not be taken as an endorsement.