many of the religious leaders have compromised things because of tribalism and greed for money, this makes them unable to tell the politicians the truth of the matter.


many of the religious leaders have compromised things because of tribalism and greed for money, this makes them unable to tell the politicians the truth of the matter.

Let me start by giving example of a first born in a family who wants to build a house and when he does so five years later the family members forces him to demolish the home The First born complies with the family members orders and builds somewhere else the five years later the same family members demands that the first born demolish the house again for a third time and move in with the family members instead of giving him freedom to stay/build where he wants .

According to my astrological insight few religious leaders have tried to unite Kenyans in the current political situation by bringing the political parties together, many of the religious leaders have compromised things because of tribalism and greed for money, this makes them unable to tell the politicians the truth of the matter.

I Dr. Sheikh Sharif Ayub blame them very much because they have failed in uniting the country, they have not shown direction, the country is divided right in the middle. The most important thing is honesty from both sides of the political groups without peace this country will become a big joke.

Justice and peace are important but this two things go together.

It is my responsibility to unite the people of Kenya and to appeal for justice and peace, the most important thing is for Kenyans to remain peaceful & love each other as neighbours.


kenya presidential -petition

My Response on the Presidential Petition

kenya presidential -petitionI would like to urge all Kenyans to remain peaceful no matter the judgment that will be delivered t the Supreme Court.

Honesty is the most important weapon in life therefore Media houses should stop inviting political analysts who don’t have Kenya in their hearts instead they should invite religious leaders who don’t have hate to other people. Some of these political analyst think that we should see the World always from their perspective and that their opinions should be those of the public. A good political analyst should be honest.

The ten Commandments are more important than any laws of mankind let the Supreme Court decide I know they will it is their duty, the evidence presented by all sides involved should be scrutinized and the arguments listened to the Supreme Court is nonpartisan therefore the judges will do what is right.

To all politicians if you are humble and show people that you are no threat to them people will listen to you and they will embrace you.

I Dr. Sheikh Sharif Ayub shall stand with the Kenyan people and I take this opportunity to urge Religious leaders to do the same whether Muslim or Christian.

Almighty God I pray to you humbly protect the Kenyan people we are weak creatures even the politicians are weak creatures Oh God give all politicians a clean heart and let them agree with the judgment that will be Delivered by the Supreme Court, give the judges the Wisdom to come up with clear and fair Judgement. Oh God give us peace. God Bless Kenya, Love, Peace and Unity


I urge all religious leaders to stand with the Kenyan people I also want to take this opportunity to advice religious leaders to preach peace and warn politicians who will preach hate during this electioneering period do not take sides. By the way I’m sure you know the ten commandments Exodus 20:2-17,  Deuteronomy I want also to urge the Kenyan Police to protect all Kenyans do not be used by Politicians, the IEBC should also let the will of the people prevail.


In case there is a dispute with the election results that ends up in the court the Judges should not show any bias let them be guided by the constitution.



All the politicians should come together and preach peace this also applies to the citizens too I Dr. Sheikh Sharif Ayub shall stand with the Kenyan People and not Politicians. The media houses should not show bias let them report fairly.

The Almighty God is watching we all belong to God and to Him we shall return.

God Bless Kenya, One People , Peace, Love & Unity




Peace is the most important thing in any democracy and should be the priority of all leaders. Dr. Owuor is probably the only preacher that can bring large crowds that even the politicians dream of. The Government has a good opportunity to help Dr. Owuor preach peace throughout the country he stood up in 2013 and brought the candidates for the presidential seat together I believe he can do it again.

All we want is peace for our beloved nation, One People, One Country. God Bless.


Tom Wolf the Ipsos “researcher” is not doing Kenyans any justice by providing opinion polls which in my view are very skewed.

Tom Wolf should treat all the candidates fairly and know that there are people who can predict with pin point accuracy than him, his team or company (Ipsos).

Especially me I have predicted a lot of elections correctly for the past 20years with that in mind  I would say my Astrological Predictions are more accurate that Ipsos polls.

My Astrological insight tells me that Ipsos led by Tom Wolf is very wrong, baseless and biased the good thing is that many Kenyans can see through the noise.

Why is Ipsos doing opinion polls very often nowadays and why are they focused on the Presidential Race alone,

Why can’t they predict the Gubernatorial, Senatorial or Member of Parliament race like I have done already?

Why are they fixated on the presidential race while NASA has not yet selected their flag bearer?

Why this obsession with the popularity of UhuRuto and Raila? Why are the numbers adding up?

The media is squarely to blame for this for giving Tom Wolf and his “polls” a lot of airtime without questioning the integrity of the polls.

Like Mark Twain famously said there are three kinds of lies; lies, damn lies & statistics; Ipsos is using statistics to shape public opinion which will end with them losing the little credibility they have left.

God Bless Kenya, One people.

Please Note: This message is not sponsored by any politician & should not be taken as an endorsement.

Embu Gubernatorial Race ASTROLOGICAL Insight

Governor Martin Wambora shall face stiff competition he shall still win the race come 2017 August, Cecil Mbarire should focus on her parliamentary seat. Lenny Kivuti cannot also win the Gubernatorial race unless he visits a famous Astrologer.

Please: I am not paid by any of the candidates to make this predictions.

Bungoma Senatorial Race!! Astrological Insight!!

Musikari Kombo has a good chance to be the Governor of Bungoma but he is making a huge mistake by running for the Senatorial Seat where he will face Moses Wetangula.
Moses Wetangula shall beat Musikari Kombo if He (Kombo) runs for the Senatorial seat in August 2017.
As a seasoned politician one would expect Musikari Kombo to run for the Gubernatorial seat since   Ken Lusaka (Current Governor) is not gonna be re-elected. Ken Lusaka is very weak politically right now and Musikari Kombo can beat him by a margin of over 70%.
Can Musikari Kombo change his mind and run for the gubernatorial Seat? Only time will tell but as things stand he is going to lose big time to Moses Wetangula.

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