Challenging Meteorological Experts!

was a Ugandan man who founded the Abayudaya (Luganda: Jews) community in Uganda in 1917East African Countries continue to face severe drought each comes and takes more lives than the previous, from 2013 the drought are getting worse and worse.

I going to stand up and challenge the  Meteorological who have not been willing to tell citizens the bitter truth, there shall be shortage of food and a lot of people will starve to death in both Uganda and Kenya.

I urge the East African Citizens to start planting trees that they have cut down to burn charcoal for Example In Uganda the famous trees known as “Mukoko” & “Mugaire” have been cut in large numbers.

As if this is not enough the Ugandan Government has been leasing Land to Foreign Loggers this shall be affect the country negatively in the future and the droughts are bound to get ten times severe.

Semei Kakungulu was a Ugandan man who founded the Abayudaya community in Uganda in 1917 i Urge Ugandan Government to follow his example.

I say this because i can see the future and it does not seem good for the Ugandan Climate and Drought situation.

Kenya will experience more severe droughts than any other country in East Africa because Kenyan Politicians are Handling Everything lightly.

The Kenya Red Cross and The United Nations I urge them to keep up the Great Job!

God Bless Kenya, God Bless Africa.