Mugabe’s Reign Astrological Insight What’s The Future!

Zimbabwe will never see a strong leader such as Robert Mugabe although he has turned into a dictator we have to give credit to him for having been in power for over 30 years. The man is a dictator and he has made Zimbabwe slide into poverty, although he fought for independence of his country he has undone all that through all the years he has been in power. Now people will remember Mr.Robert Mugabe as the dictator and to the hero he was in 1987.

His wife Grace Mugabe has the chance to be the next president through his orders. She is not a natural or seasoned leader like Mugabe himself in my Astrological Insights tells me if she ever leads she will struggle so hard she will not survive.

Morgan Tsvangirai-Former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe is a weak man he has failed the people of Zimbabwe. He should not be taken seriuosly any more he cannot lead the country. Zimbabwe needs a new leader to rise up and take the reigns of power from Mr.Robert Mugabe.