The signs of spiritual infertility caused by witchcraft and Jinn/Ghosts/Curse

  1. The victim gets uncomfortable feelings( Anxiety, Cough, Heavy Headache, and gets paranoid from 6PM in the evening and lasts up to midnight.

  2. Psychological problems, forgetfulness, desperation the victim does not like prayer (no matter the religion)

  3. Persistent back pain and waist pain the victim behaviour becomes different and high tempered quarrels and fight other people. If a woman starts bleeding when pregnant the man becomes high tempered, beats the wife, fights other people and results to alcohol consumption/abuse this applies to any man no matter the religion even pagans. Mostly this people are bewitched cursed or from the effects of Jinn/Ghosts thrown to the victim by his / her enemies. Also people who are engaged in abortions tend to go through this.

  4. Spiritual Infertility that is brought about by misunderstandings in both families and can affect the man and the wife in form of a curse. This can cause miscarriages when the woman conceives or the couple would get children who cry continuously, have disabilities, or the kids would experience premature death or the kids would have mental problems and this situation affects the mother and father too. They become restless and disturbed all the time they lose control of their live and some even end by divorcing each other. Those parents who cause this kind of suffering to their children and grandchildren are not doing good at all. They should accept whoever their children decide to get married to.



Let’s look at how to treat spiritual infertility;

  1. In Islamic treatment the Sheikh should touch the head and back of each one of them and read the Holly Quran the following verses; Quran:1:1-7(X1), Quran:2:1-28(X1), Quran:36:1-83(X1), Quran:37:1-5(X1), Quran:109:1-6(X7), Quran:111:1-5(X7), Quran:112:1-4(X3), Quran:113:1-5(X3), Quran 114:1-6(X7), Quran:1:1-7(X1)

Do it with a clean heart then the victim should buy a goat and slaughter it in the name of Allah.

Quran:108:1-3(CONFIRM) they can also proceed and add any Dua they might feel ok with then give the meat to the needy and homeless/street families.

Christians should treat their patients the correct way , they too should touch the victims head and the back and read the following verses in the Holly Bible;

Mark 16:17-18(X200), Mark12:29(X50), Psalms:23:1-6(X400), John: 17:3(X200), they should command them to go in the name of one God.

If possible the patient should be referred to family elders who will then introduce them to traditional healers, astrologers.

If you are not able to get help feel free to contact me on: 0723987571 or Visit my office at Juja Road BH Stage, Next to Oil Libya.

Inshallah (God willing) the problem will go by God’s grace Allah is over all things competent.




Makaja is a spiritual illness that exhibits the following symptoms;

  1. Body Pains all over – (headaches, itchiness, insomnia, back pains, spiritual infertility in men & women, high body temperature vomiting, body drying up.
  2. Makaja Spiritual illness causes the person to have high temper and irritable by small things. The victim also starts to like solitude and changes their behavior by starting drinking for instance / abuse of alcohol or madness and getting involved in fights.
  3. Makaja can cause someone to sleep walk e  children and young adults. It makes school going children hate school they cry at night  and in most cases look very disturbed, restless and stubborn.
  4. Makaja spiritual illness causes couples to lose the mojo between them, feeling for each other disappear this cultivates hate and unfaithfulness between the couples.
  5. Makaja can cause women to hate men for no good reason and in men it can cause them to hate women for no good reason too.
  6. Makaja spiritual illness causes the victim to have bad dreams regardless of their gender.
  7. Makaja Causes bad luck in your daily life – for instance you go to work and get fired for no good reason.
  8. Makaja spiritual illness causes conflict between couples and even family, can break marriages. In other cases it can cause miscarriages.


The business of throwing Spiritual illness to others is real and happens all around the World for instance in Mombasa, Kenya and Some parts of Tanzania people do that to others and can come in form of witchcraft or in form of evil spirit.
Women Should stop abortions, the security apparatus should also stop extrajudicial killings.
The Makaja Spiritual illness has been in this world since 1898 and My Great Great Grand Father had to heal a Ugandan King who almost died from this condition since then through my family’s predictions we have been able to learn more about Makaja.
Lack of strong moral values in the society can be said to have contributed to the rise of the Makaja phenomenon.

In Nigeria juju is practised and can lead to Makaja also in Ukambani this is part of withcraft.


Makaja Spiritual illness brings sickness between couples and can cause death. In some situation a man’s wife can die a few months or years after getting married and if he tries to marry again the second wife dies and so on. Also this can happen to women their husbands can die few months or years after marriage.

This cases have been reported in  Central Kenya, Ukambani, Isiolo, Wajir, West Pokot, Kwale , Taita Taveta, Nyanza, Western, Arusha Tz, Namanga Tz, Moshi Tz, Vanga Tz, Most parts of Rwanda, Gulu Uganda, Jinja Uganda, Soroti, Bugembeug , Haiti, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Congo, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, United Kingdom, Nigeria, USA, Australia, Germany, France,



Allah will protect us from the Makaja Spiritual Illness people should pray to Allah always  and those who believe in the Holy Bible should also pray (Holly Bible: Exodus: 20:3-5).

My duty as the East African Astrologer is to continue educating the public on the Makaja Spiritual Illness.


Makaja cannot be treated in a Medical hospital it’s not a medical condition it’s a spiritual condition, the Doctor should advice the patient to seek traditional healer or spiritual healer,  serious preachers, professional Islam sheikhs  who know what to do with Makaja.

To those who will try to treat Makaja I warn them to follow the correct  healing mechanisms of Makaja otherwise the illness may catch them.

Makaja Spiritual illness can be cured completely those who have it should not feel like they have come to the end of the road.

In severe conditions Makaja Spiritual illness takes 3months to heal completely. People should pray before they sleep mention the name of God in their houses this spirit is scared by the name of God, the only thing to remember is it can catch anybody regardless of their religion burn incense in your house. Reading and keeping the holy books in your house will help you ease the symptoms of this spiritual illness please do not ignore the teachings of the holy books.

  1. Use the holly books in the correct way and command the evil spirits in the name of one Creator not in the name of Goddesses I warn women traditional healers not to joke with this spiritual illness the spirit may enter them instead.


Those who have tried treatment elsewhere and have not healed should consult me

Dr. Sharif Ayubu – East African Astrologer

Call:0723987571 or 0723616548

Visit Head Office along Juja Road,

Eastleigh Bh stage, Nairobi Kenya.

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