Omar Al Bashir Sudan East African Astrologer

Omar al-Bashir shall rule Sudan for more years to come, he has a strong grip on the leadership of his country. He is an authoritarian given how other leaders in the African have hang on to power i.e Robert Mugabe at 73years Old I would say Omar Al Bashir is just getting started. The way he has Governed Sudan leaves no doubt that he still sees himself as being able to last for some years to come. The biggest concern for Omar Al Bashir is that if he vacates office and new President is elected he might be handed over to International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity. This would be humiliating to him since he has talked tough in the past about the same court and an arrest warrant still hangs over his head.

His best move and the one he would likely prefer is to stay in office until he is no longer capable to rule. As long as he stays in power he can pause the ICC issue and the sure only way not to lose a game is by pausing the game.