CURSES Words of Wisdom

What causes a curse?

A curse is brought by people’s own actions and in some cases your family members can spell a curse over you out of jealousy and that is witch craft in another way e.g One’s life is seen  be doing well and on the right track and then it changes for the worse your marriage breaks children start misbehaving and In some cases they can become insane. Your life becomes full of bad luck and only bad things follow you. If you were running a business or having a financially stable job everything crashes and is reduced to nothing.

What can anybody do to avoid / heal the “curse” phenomenon the number step that I recommend is to go and visit a sheikh who shall pray for you using the Holly Quaran.

Verses from the Holly Quaran to be used


  • Quran 1:1-7 ( repeating 70x)
  • Quran 2:1-28(Repeat 20X)
  • Quran 36: 1-19 (repeat 30x)
  • Quran 4:1-20(repeat 10x)
  • Quran 72:1-9(repeat 3x)
  • Quran 105:1-5(repeat 7x)
  • Quaran108:1-3(repeat 7x)
  • Quran 109:1-6(repeat 7x)
  • Quran 112:1-4(repeat 7X)
  • Quran 113:1-5(repeat 7x)
  • Quran 114:1-6(repeat 7x)

Before you read the verses above put your mind together and do it with a clean heart, the sick must be very clean have a birth be it a man or woman.

Have faith in Allah believe in him seriously those who tried and failed don’t give up you can seek advice from  Me Dr. Sharif Ayubu Call 0723987571 Allah is over all things competent.

For those who believe in the treatment of Holly Bible and Biblical advice they should treat their patient or affected person by holding the persons head and then praying for them.

Read Exodus 20:3-59(x300)

Psalms 23:1-6(x400)

John 17:3(x600)

Mathew 6:6-9(x200)

Mark 12:28-29(x90)

People should read the Bible Luke 22:43, John 5:30, John 17:3, Mark 12:29; it’s my responsibility to give this kind of advice because no one has come out to talk about it the way I’m doing.

We have parents who curse their children with a reason according to me they are somehow right and also it is evil for the parent to do so without a good reason. If Children neglect their parent at old age yet the parent suffered to raise them the children will pick a curse.

Some children go as far as starting a fight with their parents and end up beating them they will definitely pick a curse anything the parents ask they should be given.

Parents should pray for their children God created everybody in this world. My advice to parents is to avoid situations that might bring confrontations between them and their children. What if your parents did to you the same things you are doing to your children what would you have done?

To deal with the above curses visit a traditional healer in your community the family can also bring together a gathering of community elders and burn some herbs a animal should be slaughtered to get rid of the curse. God will receive the prayer because he is the creator of everything on earth including us human beings.

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