CURSES Words of Wisdom


We tend to forget the bad things we do to others, for example People take oaths using the Holly Books and turn around and say lies under oath i.e. the Lawyers and Judges. A judge knows very well that a person is innocent and goes ahead to convict the person because of hatred, tribalism or corruption.

Also many witnesses lie under oath this causes conviction of the wrong person, now the above Judge and such a witness will carry very serious curse from God, (Read Exodus 20:2-17 & Deuteronomy 5:6-21) the Angels and all people. Getting rid of such a curse is very difficult because the witnesses in your case are very many i.e. God, Angels and men. People who do things like this should change their behavior completely otherwise they will start having problems in their lives that can’t be solved.

In other cases Lawyers know the truth about their client they understand very well that the person is guilty despite knowing this they will still go ahead and defend the client in order to get money or benefit in a certain way God’s curse will follow them.


Another Example is our men in uniform they sometimes misbehave and kill innocent people in a criminal way. They even murder, rape beat, falsely accuse people, torture and do many vile things to them; the security agencies are under oath to protect our country they go against that and that’s how they catch the curse. They start getting serious diseases from the bad things they have done to people, those who respect their Lord who is my Lord too shall catch no curse and those who are notorious and walk around breathing fire God’s curse shall follow them together with that from the angels and all the people.  No curse shall catch the people who got treated badly by the security agencies be humble and God shall remember you. Allah is over and above all things competent.

You simply don’t argue with people who don’t understand (Proverbs 14:15) In Holly Bible James 14:15 fight me with the truth and not lies or hatred. In the work place people tend to hate and lie against one another. These types of people also pick a curse; you cause someone to lose their job you are cursed. Managers, Supervisors I know you have secrets try to change treat men and women as your brothers and sisters surely we belong to one God or do you want God and his angels to curse you. I know you like to argue with me Islam can confirm Quran 104; 1-2 Holly Bible believers James 14:15


Politicians also receive curses from their own desires  for example when a politician loses an election some of them decide to incite violence within the community or country good examples include; Kenya 2007, South Sudan 2013, Congo, Bukinafaso, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Russia, Turkey, Syria, Somalia, Uganda, Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Israel and many others. God’s curse will catch those who plan violence against citizens of any nation.


When a man marries a woman then afterwards abandons the wife and children he catches a curse; women who also abandon their husband and children also catch a curse.

When a woman is pregnant and her lover or the woman’s parent persuades her to get an abortion, that woman, her lover, her parents and the doctor involved and any other person involved all get a curse.

In some cases the pregnancy might be due to rape the best way to deal with such a situation is to involve Men of God (Church Elders or Muslim Elders) and decide what to do. Whatever they agree to do they should do and God will show them the right way to do it. Allah is over all things competent.

We have men in this world who believe once they have paid dowry and get separated from their wife they can claim the dowry from the ex-wife’s parents  this is very wrong such men have no right  to do so. They forget that the parents took his ex-wife to school and raised her until she was of age to be married. If the woman has not done anything wrong the man will catch the curse from God, His Angels and from the people the curse will not affect the woman’s family.

A woman who misbehaves in a marriage a curse shall come upon her because of going against the oath of marriage by being unfaithful to her husband etc. The woman should be sent back to her parents then have her lectured by them on how to be a good wife and respect her husband. She should then ask for forgiveness from her husband and the husband’s parents and any other person she might have offended as a cure for the curse. In case she has pride in her and refuse to apologize the curse shall stick with her.

This lady and the man in the first scenario will henceforth have relationships that will never work, they will end up breaking up with their new partners as part of the curse, their parents need to pray for them and seek healing from a traditional spiritualist.


Taking someone’s property forcefully and they are the lawful owners as bank managers and Shylocks do can bring a curse to the people involved Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden Interest Quran 2:275; for those who understand they take this seriously. We should not ignore what Allah has said Holly Bible Deuteronomy 23:19-20, John 17:3, Mark 12:29 the wise should follow what Jesus told them, Luke 22:43 Land Grabbers they have their curse from their God.  God is very is very annoyed by this people he does not forgive those who don’t forgive other he also does not love those who don’t love others.


When a man passes and leaves his wife behind and children then his family and friends come together and start harassing the wife and children while taking everything the man had left behind for them cause a curse. To harass a widow and orphans is very bad you remind them of their departed husband/dad this causes them to cry wanting him back the cry is immediately heard in heaven and a curse falls immediately from God, His Angels and the People. Most people pretend not to know that they are in war with God and His angels. Those who have done this should seek forgiveness from God and secondly return everything they have stolen from or taken from the Orphans and the Widow otherwise a curse will still follow them.

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People who take married women carry a curse if the woman is single that is alright. A married woman cannot have an affair with a married man or a single woman that is a curse in itself.

In Islam a single lady is allowed to get married to a married man as the 2nd 3rd or the 4th wife, marrying another woman without giving your first wife a say in the issue is a curse. 1st Timothy 3:2. Those women who go to marry a married man should respect his first wife she should not have pride or disrespect. Parents also get involved in their children’s marriages and break them it’s very wrong to say the least.

When you walk on the road, don’t abuse people, young people, old men & women also religious leaders should behave in a proper manner they should not look down on those who don’t know because they too have come a long way learning. Those who are promoting deforestation and poaching  are a cursed  lot too.


Mine prayer is that God show us the right way to do things those with evil hearts to change, I will keep giving my advice on issues such as this that affect our daily lives.

God bless the World, Thank you All.

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