How To deal with Jealous Friends Dr. Sharif Ayub Explains

How To deal with Jealous Friends Dr. Sharif Ayub Explains

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Unless you are an Angel from heaven you have a friend or friends who seem to be always jealous about whatever you do they talk about you behind your back they spread rumours about you and yet you still tolerate them because they are your friend.

Dealing with Jealous Friend(s) is not the easiest thing you can do but it’s a step worth taking otherwise your best friend can turn out to be your worst enemy.

Understand Why They are Jealous

You cannot solve which you don’t know first and foremost take your time and think about the conversation you usually have with them when you meet. Are you always bragging about your success, your relationship and so on? Technically you may not be bragging literally but you may be doing what is called a “Humble Brag” this is the same as bragging. But you may stop me and ask they are my friend why shouldn’t I tell them what is happening in my life? Yeah you are right you need to tell your friends what is going on in your life but you need to be mindful of your wording and the mental state of the other person. If their jealousy comes from your achievement you need to share less with them.

It’s Not You, It’s Them

Sometimes we usually think that we are to blame in every situation but I am here to tell you that don’t accept the blame for your friend’s jealousy. So are you supposed to be less successful so that he/she stops being jealous? No, you need to live your life to your fullest potential.

Jeasouly come from insecurity the feeling of inferiority and if your friend is jealous he/she is admitting that they are inferior to you, they may not be but their mind is already playing tricks on them and that has nothing to do with.

They are not your Friend cut them lose

Have you ever heard about a case of mistaken identity this is happening here, because human beings are social creatures  we like to have company, we are not like cats who can live on their own for years we would like to have people around us  and in that quest we attract people who are not suitable to be our friends it’s time to realise that and let this person go.

How To deal with Jealous Friends Dr. Sharif Ayub Explains

How To deal with Jealous Friends Dr. Sharif Ayub Explains


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