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Jinn is a spirit , it is a creation of God, Allah; According to the Holly Quran (Quran 37:1-5, Quran 72:1-28) they were created before humans and were created from fire. They believe in God and some don’t those that don’t believe in God are evil, the Kafirs.  Some Jinn are very naughty they can move from where they live and go attacking people in their houses. The bad Jinn can come in form of a person eg Man or Woman a person you may know or in form of fire, cats, Dogs, Snakes etc.

what is jinn - east african astrologer

They rape women and marry them forcefully a woman affected that way cannot get married and when they get married it does not last long. The Jinn brings infertility, miscarriages and high temper in women affected by them they bring wealth to their victims and make the women affected hate men especially in bed making love. These women bleed from their bodies; they get bad dreams at night back, head and chest pains even loss of sight plus madness this leads to rejection in relationship and a bad performance in business or work. These women will go around abusing people for no good reason in other cases the woman can leave her husband and go away for a long duration or for good and might even cause death.

These Jinn burn down forests even houses and might knock on doors with some creepy noise they can carry their victim and place them outside of their house, can cause insomnia. Furthermore they can also bring bad behavior such as prostitution, smoking bhang, stealing, and alcoholism and cause paranoia in their victims. The Jinn don’t attack people aged above 70years man or woman please don’t forget that they also attack men.

Jinn become active at night they even call people by their names and can be heard moving round the house. When you travel and leave your house unoccupied the Jinn come in numbers and occupy your house while you are away and they usually live in the toilet and dust bins.

The Jinn has different places where they stay; some stay in the Forest, if you have any near your house , a grave yard or Cemetery  while others prefer a slaughter house, market place, schools , Rivers and Streams also in bones  of dead animals. Cats and Dogs have the ability to see Jinn sometimes you can hear them making weird noises they have seen a Jinn call the name of God 10times. Light your house properly at night and don’t go to the toilet in darkness if you do praise the name of God before you enter. The Muslims know what I mean, for Christians say God protect me from any evil spirits in the toilet before you enter and when you are done.

Jinn can kill your livestock while they are dangerous some families buy or capture them for financial gain and riches Quran 72:6 and may end up killing family members one by one. If you see the above happening get people who are knowledgeable in this area to drive them away Sheikhs might come in handy.

Jinn are proud creatures and you must be prepared for war in order to drive them away from your house or body.

There are traditional healers who can drive them away using their herbs Muslims are prayed for by sheikh because Jinn accept the Quran and they know God. Quran 72:1-3. I’m sure that the Bible talks about this and those who think they can fool around with these creatures should not try it is better to die a poor man than to engage Jinn to bring you Riches just believe in God.

I have seen religious leaders buy Jinn to have a large congregation in theirs Churches, Politicians do the same to win elections and business people also engage in this practice to make big money. Sheikhs should pray and touch the head and back of the affected person both of them should be clean, they must have strong heart and faith they should read the following  versus: Quran 1;1-7, Quran 2: 1-30(20x) Quran 3:1-40 (10x), Quran 35: 1-10(20x), Quran 36:1-83, Quran 18:1-10(10x), Quran 49:1-18, Quran 74: 1-20, 72:1-28, Quran 92:1-21, Quran 93:1-11, Quran104: 1-9, Quran 105:1-5, Quran 106:1-4, Quran 107: 1-7, Quran 108:1-3, Quran 109:1-6(7x), Quran 110:1-3(7x), Quran 111:1-5(7x), Quran 112:1-4(7x), Quran 113:1-5(7x), Quran 114:1-6 (7x),  Quran 1:1-7.

Whoever does this work must be very careful follow the Quran without any fear, the Jinn will try to resist when you are in the process of driving them away. You can ask the Jinn to convert into Islam and give them Islamic names when you are through record Ruqiya for the patient to listen to it for three months, pray for water and hand it to the patient for them to drink, prepare black seed oil(found in Kakale Uganda) pray for it and give the patient to use it for three months let the patient use the yellow powder to add it to food and tea for three months.

This person (the patient) should go and look for the needy in the society and feed them for three months and should not slaughter any animals for three months.

After doing that the sheikh and the family members of the patient will read together Quran 1:1-7, Quran 36:1-85(yaa sin) for 5hrs.

After that if the patient was a woman a female goat must be slaughtered and if the patient was a man a  billy goat must be slaughtered too the meat should be shared with neighbours, street families , the old and disabled. People should eat that meat without fear because it is slaughtered for God and the Prayer (Quran 108:1-3) Allah will accept and the evil spirits will leave the patient.

To prevent this people should put prayer first always before you sleep Read the Holly Quran 1:1-7; (3x), Quran 112:1-4 (3x), Quran 113(3x), Quran 114(3x) in the Morning and Evening. You will be safe people should be using black seed oil to and to food and apply it to their bodies at least four times a month they should also use start using  the burning splint, incense and African herbs like the “Bulokozo” and read the Quran in the house.

Allah is above all competent if you have tried everything above and have failed call 0723987571 or 0723616548 Sheikh Sharif Ayubu.

Biblical Advice ; Before praying for the affected person touch their head and back and read the following versus with a clear heart and slowly; Exodus 20;3-5(100X), Psalms 23:1-6(400x), John 17:3(100X), Mark 16:17-18(500x), Mark 12:29(80x), John 16:7-14(200x), Mathew  6:6-9(50x), Mathew 5:10-11(50x), Mark 12::28-29(20x), Deuteronomy 18:17-19(200x), Mark 16:17-19(50x) once you have followed what I have said you will have cured the patient. Read John 5:30, Luke 22:43, Proverbs 14:15, James 14:15, Mathew 5:10.

If you have tried all the above and failed call me for Advice & treatment 0723987571/0723616548

Traditional healers and Astrologers should treat people in this way to command the Jinn/Evil Spirits in the name of God and use traditional herbs.

The herbs should be burnt on charcoal stoves daily for three months also the herbs should be mixed with water and be drunk also the family members should gather and chase the Jinn away. If you administer the herbs correctly God knows and will help you, I know traditional healing is as good as any other I have mentioned earlier.  Even I you need to slaughter animals do it in the name of God .

Let me mention a few herbs that can be used;

  • Kakale (green powder) found in Uganda and Libya
  • Yellow Powder, black seed powder, Mjafari Tree, Mgaile Tree, Mukoko Tree, Burning Splint, Vidonge  Muvuje, CS Special.

For More Advice and healing call;

Sheikh Sharif Ayub


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