Powerful Curse Breaking Spells in Kenya

Powerful Curse Breaking Spells in Kenya

Powerful Curse Breaking Spells in Kenya

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A curse from an African perspective is a sort of a spiritual punishment that befalls a person due to some actions they might have taken towards another person and in most cases, the person being offended is usually older or the vulnerable in the society. Curses are not as simple as many people assume them to be they are rather complicated and it is important to understand them so that you have an idea of where to begin in order to get rid of the below I shall explain to you two types of Curses from the African Spiritual perspective without going into too many details.

Curse Type 1

There are different types of curses if a curse came to you due to the fact that you offended your elder such as a parent, uncle, grandfather/grandmother and so on that curse needs their permission to be lifted. You need to first go to them tell them you are sorry for your behavior and apologize sincerely you can bring them a goat or any other gift that shows respect and beg for their forgiveness. Then after doing that seek the services of an experienced and established astrologer such as Dr. Sharif Ayub once you are through with the above rituals.

Curse Type 2

There are people who out of their own jealous and malice they just want to destroy the life of other people such people can just throw a curse to you without you ever offending them. This type of curse needs to be lifted by a highly experienced astrologer who understands the situation very well and by performing the correct rituals. If where you are there is a shortage of Astrological experts who you can trust please fill free to get in touch with Dr. Sharif Ayub East African Astrologer.

Please note that these two are not the only types of curses and that some curses can be broken by men but others need the Intervention of the Almighty and only He can forgive you if you pray.

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Powerful Curse Breaking Spells in Kenya

Powerful Curse Breaking Spells in Kenya

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