Real Witch Doctor Experiences from Kenya

Real Witch Doctor Experiences from Kenya

Real Witch Doctor Experiences from Kenya

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Are you thinking of visiting a witch doctor but you are quite reluctant? That is relatable many people are very terrified of visiting a witch doctor to look at their various problems instead they chose to suffer alone in silence without sharing their heartache with anybody else the truth is it should not be this way you need to be able to visit a well qualified and experienced witch doctor who can help you.


Here Are Some Reasons Why people Are Scared or Embarassed to Visit a Witch Doctor


Fear of What Others will think of Them

The fear of visiting a witch Doctor can be based upon your few of how other people will react or think of you if they find out that you have or are visiting a witch doctor, let me tell you one thing do not feel embarassed by what other people will think of you, take action to make your life better for yourself and those type of people will not bother you anymore.

The Bad Apple Experience

If you take a bite of an apple for the first time in your life and unfortunately bite a rotten apple you may start hating apples and think that all apples taste that way without try another one and that is fresh you mayb think that the taste of a rotten apple is the taste of the apple but you agree that such a mindset would be naive for anyone to take. This anlogy is used to tell you that in a Group of good apples there is a chance of finding a few rotten ones what is done is that the bad one have to be thrown in the Garbage bin for they belong there.

The Religion Excuse

Some people will claim that there Religion does not allow them to visit but these type of people are misinformed because witch doctors are people to and they pray to God too they are believers too some of them are so Religious that they do not miss prayer time everyday.

Real Witch Doctor Experiences from Kenya

Real Witch Doctor Experiences from Kenya

Fear of the Unknown

Some people do not Know what to Expect when they visit a witch Doctor they are ofcourse terrifed on what will transpire thus they chose to stay home and suffer with their problems.


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