My Response on the Presidential Petition

kenya presidential -petition

My Response on the Presidential Petition

2017 Elections Decision 2017 Elections ELECTIONS 2017 Presidential Petition

kenya presidential -petitionI would like to urge all Kenyans to remain peaceful no matter the judgment that will be delivered t the Supreme Court.

Honesty is the most important weapon in life therefore Media houses should stop inviting political analysts who don’t have Kenya in their hearts instead they should invite religious leaders who don’t have hate to other people. Some of these political analyst think that we should see the World always from their perspective and that their opinions should be those of the public. A good political analyst should be honest.

The ten Commandments are more important than any laws of mankind let the Supreme Court decide I know they will it is their duty, the evidence presented by all sides involved should be scrutinized and the arguments listened to the Supreme Court is nonpartisan therefore the judges will do what is right.

To all politicians if you are humble and show people that you are no threat to them people will listen to you and they will embrace you.

I Dr. Sheikh Sharif Ayub shall stand with the Kenyan people and I take this opportunity to urge Religious leaders to do the same whether Muslim or Christian.

Almighty God I pray to you humbly protect the Kenyan people we are weak creatures even the politicians are weak creatures Oh God give all politicians a clean heart and let them agree with the judgment that will be Delivered by the Supreme Court, give the judges the Wisdom to come up with clear and fair Judgement. Oh God give us peace. God Bless Kenya, Love, Peace and Unity

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