Are Curses Real? Dr. Sharif Ayub Explains

Curses are some of the most misunderstood spiritual phenomenon in the world most people have heard of them by most people don’t know what they are they just have an illusion of what they actually are this is not their fault but in truth, it is the fault of the society for not educating people on what these are.

Curses are real but curses vary depending on their causation some curses are direct curses, others can be referred to as secondary curses while there are other that can be referred to as collateral curses the later is not due to any of your fault but these type of curses are not as serious as the first two.



Understanding them is the key to having a good and socially prosperous life:

Direct Curses/Primary Curses: These types of curses are directly associated with your actions, for example, it could be due to something you did to a strange, relative, or even a friend. For example, there are rude people who beat up or abuse their parents these people are affected by the primary curses because their actions were the causes of the other person or even the community to curse them.

These types of curses hit the hardest but they are not permanent they can be forgiven but by seeking the forgiveness of the person you offended and letting them know that you regret your actions and you are a changed person. In the unfortunate event that the person who you offended is not around for you to seek that forgiveness, you can pray to the Almighty and ask for forgiveness and change your ways to be a good person who does not go around causing pain to other people.

Secondary Curses: They happen not because as a direct result of your actions but as an association of you to the action. For Example, if you are at a Job and you are responsible for one department and bad things happening in another department and you fail to tell your boss that can cause you to have a secondary curse because you decided to shut up when your voice was needed.

Collateral Curses: Happens when your great deeds offended someone else, for example, you may be hardworking and put in a lot of effort and time in your work and as a result you become successful but because of your success some people will think you are not a righteous person and as a result, they may treat you differently but this is not due to anything wrong that you did it’s just that people are naturally jealous and if you are doing better than them they will tend to resent you even though they may not show it.

Inconclusion Curses are very real the only way to protect yourself is to ensure that you are good to people and help those who are in need.

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