Why Smart People Get Good Jobs and Fall from Grace Explained by Dr. Sharif Ayub

In your lifetime you have seen people who start out in life very well and they inspire the whole village to dream i.e they come from a not well to do family then through education they rise and become respectable people in the community then all over sudden they fall from grace ending up with a dysfunctional family and their career ends up dying leaving them in squalor. Now people in the villages will never understand what happened to their once-promising son/daughter and in such cases the easiest thing to blame is witchcraft which might be part of the situation but you need to see the whole picture.

Jealousy from Family Members and Neighbours

In this World, you are naive if you think everybody in your extended family loves you or wants you to succeed from sibling rivalry to just the jealousy and resentment that can arise from the success of one person on other thus revealing their insecurities and the urge to try and sabotage the other person these are real emotions which exist in many families. If the above-mentioned dynamics exist in a family what about in the neighborhood? Do you think your neighbors want you to succeed and build a better house than them? Absolutely No they would feel much better if you are poorer than they are that way they can look down on you.

Neglecting Parents after Success

So many people from the village get good jobs but forget about taking care of their parents what comes after this is a curse from the parents whether they do it knowingly or unknowingly parents want what is good for there children but in most scenarios successful people are abandoning their elderly parents despite the troubles they went through to give them a descent education.

Arrogance and overconfidence

A wise man once said that pride comes before fall and this is almost certainly true if a man is filled with pride they are not able to understand any constructive critism they may be getting their job and will grow to be a very defensive and bitter person who thinks that everybody is out to get them.

Unsustainable Lifestyle

Some people after getting a good job they just lead unsastainable lifestyle ending up living beyond their means but taking multiple loans that can be incredibly impossible to repay others get into substance and alcohol abuse lowering their productivity leading to their firing. Men are more likely to start having multiple affairs in the process they attract leeches who in turn suck them dry.

The moral of the story is that success can come to anybody but sustaining it is the biggest challenge.

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