Curses Why You Need Help, Dr. Sharif Ayub

Curses are not a joke and we all need to understand how they can affect your life and what to do about them. I like to categorize curses into two, curses that a legitimate and those that are not.

Legitimate curses: according to my classification are those that are cast upon a person due to their bad action on another person. example if a son abuses his mother depending on his age the curse may vary if he is just a small boy then there is no effect but if he is a grown man that person will have a curse following him for all his life. The way to get out of this curse is by asking forgiveness from the almighty and the person who cursed you.

Illegitimate Curses: These curses are cast by people who are envious of you and they can be easily reversed through the intervention of a spiritualist.

Curses Why You Need Help, Dr. Sharif Ayub

Curses Why You Need Help, Dr. Sharif Ayub


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