My Solution to Kenyan Political Situation, 1963-2017, Presidential Election

Who do Politicians Think they Are, Kenya 2017 Presidential Election Breakdown

Who do Politicians Think they Are, Kenya 2017 Presidential Election Breakdown

I have been mostly talking about what is going to happen, let me today talk on what I think is a good solution to the current Political situation.  We need  to select three elders from each tribe of the 44 tribes of Kenya and let the elders meet to make a political decision on who will be given the mandate to  run this Country.

There should be no political interference from anyone let the elders decide, I can see them being a perfect solution to Kenya.

We cannot go on pretending day by day that someone somewhere will come and  make a change  of leadership for us, its time for religious leaders like the Chief Kadhi, Al Muhdhar A.S. Hussein and Cardinal John Njue to come together and oversee the process.

These elders and the religious leaders  should not accept any bribes kind of bribes because this kind of thing will come back to haunt them please read 1st James 14:15

I would also like the Attorney General Mr. Githu Muigai to know that there are many wise men in Kenya and also he should read Proverbs 14:15 

I also want to urge all Kenyans to remain in love and peaceful with other Kenyans youth in Kenya should maintain peace and should not accept to be used by politicians for their selfish gains, we all want peace in the entire world.

Politicians should know that they are not more patriotic than any other Kenyan, actually politicians are very weak creatures I think you understand what I mean they should stop joking with the the lives of innocent Kenyans. I know politicians have a limited time to stay on earth. This kind of misbehaviour forgetting they did not create themselves no way it cannot go like that Change yourselves Politicians.

Dishonesty is destroying Kenya, Kenya is headed towards the Yellow colour I repeat again to the elders of Kenya and religious leaders you need to stand with Kenyans and I am talking about the religious leaders who go around collecting money from politicians. I remember a friend of mine who told me while we were having a meeting that what goes around comes around I know the games that you religious leaders like to play, remember this interesting verse  1st James 14:15. 

Instead of uniting Kenyans,  politicians who will all know are weak creatures look at themselves as if they are more superior than the ordinary Kenyan and I’m asking political groups to think clearly on the future of Kenya and I’m advising Mr. Wafula Chebukati to stand with Kenyans and not politicians.

Even Jesus Christ died because of the sins of other people according to the Holly Bible, I can see Kenya transforming from Saul to Paul I expect judges of Africa now to let Justice to be seen to be done. Kenya is now super power in Africa.



[Attention:] Any Time from Now I shall talk about what is happening in Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, South Sudan, Burundi & Uganda.