A child who has this problem you notice they have restlessness between 2:00am -5:00am they may start crying , sleepless, runs from one room to another and says they are having dreams and they are generally terrified in life.

This can be noticed from the time the child is born or thereafter; when a few days old baby cries all the time take the baby to a sheikh you can also take the baby to a mosque and you will get help. Sometimes a baby is born and wants to be a Muslim you should take the baby to the Mosque for the Imam to pray and give the baby a Muslim name and the problem will disappear. There are children who are given names at birth but tend to refuse these names do the same take the same take the baby to a mosque or ask for advice from the elders of your family. Sometime a baby will be crying all the time but if you listen closely the baby’s cry sound like they are saying “Allah! Allah! Allah!”

When you see this take the baby to the Mosque, to the surprise of many that child who is crying for Allah even if they are not taken to the Mosque they will find their way to the mosque and get a name. For example in Tanzania in 1991 a baby was born to a Christian family before birth the mother at six months of pregnancy the mother started bleeding so the mother thought she was losing her baby when she went to the hospital she was told that her pregnancy was intact and that the bleeding was one of the things that happen in pregnancy unexpectedly after giving birth the mother noticed the boy was intrigued by Islam. The baby would cry and force the Mother to take him to the Mosque but his father could not allow that because he was a staunch Christian. One day the boy and his elder brother passed by a more and he ran and entered the Mosque where he got a new name and became a Muslim when he got home he told his parents to read Deuteronomy 18:18-22. The Father and Mother understood but were surprised and later converted to Islam. In Russia there was a child born with the quotes of Quran on his written head also in Garissa Kenya some residents slaughtered a chicken only to find the words “Allah Akbar” written on the meat Citizen Tv Confirmed this in 2006.

In some families there is a lot of hatred where the families of the couples don’t get along this can make couple’s child to suffer and bad thing start happening to them. The Child can stop breast feeding or even eating and this only leads to more misunderstanding between the families.

I know you people like to argue please read Quran 49:11-13(confirm) “If your daughter and someone else son love each other you should pray for them for their love to blossom”

Couples going through this should call a sheikh to read “Surat Fatiha” Quran 1:1-7(x1), Quran 36:1-83(x1), Quran 37: 1-10 (x1), Quran 112:1-4(x3), Quran 114:1-6(x7) , Quran 1:1-7(x1) add any Dua , do it with a clean heart. Those affected by Jinn and Ghosts should do the same. Slaughter a Goat that matches the sex of the child and the parents must be present and do that in the name of Alllah and ask him to solve your problem. Quran 108:1-3 (Confirm) The Christians can also follow the instructions as above and treat people the same way then read; Psalms23:1-6(x20), John 17:3(X100), Mark 16:17-18 (x20), John:16:7-14(x40), Exodus 20:3-5(x500) Don’t Ignore.

Do that work carefully , those thing that have harmed the child can come to you  and attack you. There should be no music or alcohol they all must fear God. god heals people in differentv ways there are those who go to Astrologers and traditional healers  but with all that done it is God who heals Am not teaching you so that you start harassing your children both children and parent should pray for each other.

When you see this type of problem you should visit your local Astrologer or traditional healer.

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ghosts and their history - east african astrologer explains


ghosts and their history - east african astrologer explains

Ghosts are spirits of dead human beings. Ghosts are from people who did horrible things during their lifetime on earth. They did things like killing other human beings, they might have also died as pagans who never believed in God, worshipped other gods or even the devil. Others might have been criminals who used to steal from other people and were killed while still criminals. (E.g. Buglers & Robbers etc.)

These ghosts have no peace they have been made to flee by angels in the spiritual world, the ghosts have no peace and cannot settle where other good people settle when they pass away, and these ghosts can then be referred to as being homeless.

Other people whose ghost won’t have peace when the pass away are the ones who bare false witness against other people while still on earth; for instance in the courts of law, in the house of  God, those who joke with the Holly Books, those who break into God’s House(s) , those who kill people, those who kill God’s servants or believers, those who grab God’s land and deny other people the right to use the same land, those who poach, those who are cutting down our forests , also law enforcement officers who torture other human beings in their custody for no good reason at all. Due to their position some law enforcement officers take advantage of other people and grab/steal their land or property they might also help dictators rig elections and cause pain and suffering to other people they meet these ghosts due to the bad things they have done to others. Such people are always drunk because they believe if they are the ghosts cannot attack them. Those who do abortions get a lot of problems from the ghosts, including those who aid the practice they suffer from all sorts of spiritual problems bad luck etc.

There are families that go to the grave yard and cast the ghosts to other people, to get sick, bad luck and even kill them. Some people build houses on grave yards and they stand the risk of being attacked by ghosts. The ghosts believe that the grave yard is their home so when a house is built there they get angry. There are families that believe they can go to their family member who passed away and ask them to do bad things to their enemies or people le that they do not agree with for one reason or another.  People might also sell land to others and unleash ghosts of their relatives who were buried there unto the buyers making it inhabitable. Such things a very common in Asian families, Nigerian families, Kenyan families and South African families among other in the world.

Ghosts don’t belong to a section of the human race people of different races experience them at particular stage in their life all over the world. When a bread winner dies and leaves property to be used by the widow and his children then family members come in and start harassing the widow if the widow or the kids ever cries and mention the name of the departed breadwinner the spirit of that person is summoned from the dead and goes to attack the person causing pain to the widow or the orphans. The spirit is very powerful that it can kill the grabbers or make them be insane. The grabbers live a miserable life highlighted by illness they keep seeing the ghost always.

Some ghosts are from family to family; they have been around a family for many generations’ people in the family who died earlier, maybe there was something that the dead ancestor wanted done for his/her own reason or because of traditional reason the family may have ignored those wishes due to cost or just ignored the wish out of lack of understanding. Such type of situation can lead to ghosts that cause a lot of havoc in the family and drive everybody away and cause a lot of destruction and suffering to the family. A cause can only be related on how the person was buried; some African families have very strict traditions and beliefs if they are not following this can brew problems for the living. For example if that person was a tribal leader or king if they are buried in a way that annoys the ghosts that can lead to many problems for the family after the burial from time to time.

Other families burr their dead naked seated on a three legged stool with a torch in one hand and herbs for witchcraft maybe because the person was murdered and they want the dead man’s/woman’s spirit/ghost to haunt the people who killed them. These things have been witnessed in Africa many times and entire world e.g.  Nigeria, India, Kenya(Nyanza, Coast, Ukambani and Kalenjin), Botswana, Lesotho, China, Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, Southern Sudan and Uganda plus many more countries.

People cannot go to court for things like these so they decide to go the traditional way. There is no justice for such situations; the best thing to do is to turn to God for this situation Biblical Verse John 17:3, Quran 5:32 to Muslims they were warned in the Holly Quran 5:32 “when you kill a person unjustly, you have killed the whole world and if you have saved one person from death it’s like you have saved the whole world (Human Race)”. The person who kills unjustly must also be killed this is according to the Quran. To clear any controversies that makes other people fear killing others.

Muslims say “roho kwa roho” Christians say “jicho kwa jicho” Mombasa they say “dawa ya moto ni moto” and I Sheikh Sharif Ayub say “jino kwa jino” but it’s better to leave everything to God.

There are people who dream with the dead their friends, family, people they knew they should consult a sheikh to read the Holly Quran for them Quran 1:1-7(x1), Quran 37:1-5(x7), Quran 109:1-6(x7), Quran 111: 1-5(x7), Quran 112:1-4(x7), Quran 113: 1-5(x7), Quran 114:1-6(x7), Quran 1:1-7(x1) add any (dua).  At this point the ghosts/spirits can communicate what is happening in a human form. After knowing what has been going on you can correct the situation. There are people who do witchcraft on the dead to make the spirits of the dead that makes the spirits lack peace by starting to cause disturbance in the living until the situation is rectified.

Muslims should read the Quran well in their houses to save their families; Allah will accept their prayers and correct the situation.

The Christians should pray for the victim who sees dead people in their dreams before they pray for the victim they should read the following verses Exodus 20:33-5(x1000), Mark 16:17-18(x800), Mathew 6:6-9(x600), John 17:3(x100). God will accept the prayer and the situation will improve. This should be done in the name of God. Mark 12:29, Mathew 5:10 I know you like to argue but read the verses. Allah is over all things Quran 112:1-4.

I would like to tell traditional healers to solve this kind of situation by using herbs, also let them touch with their left hand the head of the victim, when shaking the calabash near the head of the victim,  and at the same time light the splint (Ubani) , Yellow powder known as “Muhuje”, Bulokozo,  they should be courageous because the spirits will start coming out of the victim and start talking in an interesting but fearful way otherwise the ghosts may hurt the victim and the person trying to exorcise them and may leave them insane. The ghosts may start making demands, like sacrifices from certain animals, do it in the name of God slaughter the animals and drive them without harm. God will accept your prayers and the ghost will stop bothering the victims’ families.  Traditional healers must treat the victims in a proper way and not do satanic deeds like cutting parts of the victim’s body with a blade. This could make the situation worse for the victim and the healer.

All kinds of treatment done in the world only God can heal there is no greater expert than God himself. Even scientific medical treatment healing is provided by God.

Those who have the gift of healing people in the ways I have mentioned should use that gift properly.

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