Joseph Kabila the president of The Democratic Republic of Congo will use force to extend his stay in office. This has been evident by the delay of the Elections to April 18 2018 a move that should have made the opposition very angry.
This is part of Kabila’s game plan to influence the upcoming election. The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have had enough of his leadership they want nothing to do with him this time.
Mr. Kabila himself has sensed this situation and wants to hang on at whatever cost. The fact that the Elections will cost $1.8 Billion is preposterous and this is an avenue for Kabila and his Hench men to loot public funds.
The western nations are also to blame for the situation unraveling in The Democratic Republic of Congo the have helped Joseph Kabila stay in power despite his human rights violation.
The Violence in The Democratic Republic of Congo will only go up as the Government Machinery butcher innocent Civilians.
Joseph Kabila is barred constitutionally from contesting the April 18 2018 elections; he may find a way to amend the constitution to allow him to be eligible again.
As an African Elder and the East African Astrologer I urge Joseph Kabila to think about the future of DRC.