Doctors’ Strike Who is to Blame? – What happens now!

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I see the Doctors’ strike coming to an end very soon, I want to take this opportunity to urge all the Doctors Country Wide to take a second look at this strike. Many lives have been lost that cannot be brought back even if the CBA is implemented. We know that our Doctors’ work hard everyday to help patients and that their salaries should match the value they bring to our society.
I want to tell the Doctors that the only thing they can do now is resume work and pray to God especially in this Election year to get a leader for this country who can listen to their demands.
The suffering that the citizens of this country have had to put up with is enough and nobody deserves to die due to a Doctor not being available to attend to them.
I also want to tell the Cabinet Secretary for Health Cleopa Mailu and his Permanent Secretary Nicholas Muraguri that they have failed this nation many people are suffering because of their negligence and that God himself shall Judge them harshly.
The Failure of the President and his Deputy to intervene should worry every Kenyan why are they Campaigning while Doctors are on strike for over 70 days this sends the message that the strike is not important.