Official Kenyan Witchdoctor

Dr. Sharif Ayub is the most visited and in fact the top-ranked and most respected traditional African spiritualist in Kenya. He has excelled as mganga wa kienyeji to a point where he is on top of the chart in Kenya and you should not hesitate to visit Dr. Sharif Ayub East African Astrologer and the now the most respected Witch Doctor in Kenya. Dr. Sharif Ayub comes from the most humble background you have ever seen he is used to living in the African traditional ways and has been leading a minimal life before the word minimal lifestyle was even invented. He can be referred to as an Official Spiritualist because in his predictions he touches things that are of interest to the World Community, African Community, and the Kenyan community, he has never shied away from touches any subject matter as long as it helps the public improve their livelihood.

Therefore if you are looking at visiting the Official Kenyan Witchdoctor the wait is over it your chance to visit and talk about things that interest you.

Official Kenyan Witchdoctor

Official Kenyan Witchdoctor

Dr. Sharif Ayub East African Astrologer

Contacts & Office Location

Call Me On: +254723987571 or WhatsApp: +254723987571

Visit My Office: Eastleigh Juja Road BH Stage, Next to Oil Libya Nairobi.

Always Open From 7 AM–8 PM Everyday Of the Week