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Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. During these transitions, you maybe unable to move or speak for a few seconds up to a few minutes. Some people may also feel pressure or a sense of choking. It is a scary condition during sleep. One feels like he/she is half dead cannot move or talk and feels like something/someone or an animal is on top of them. This feeling can last for 3-5 minutes. You feel like screaming or reaching out for help but you are unable until it is done. At times it comes as a sexual or intimate moment which is not the case. Doctors call it Sexomnia, some people say it is a love spirits which are stuck with you and if you don not seek help your whole life can be miserable. According to spiritual research done by Dr. Sheikh Sharif Ayub, sleep paralysis and dark forces can cause the below:

Sexually: You feel like you are in the act of having sex with an unknown person to an extent you get an orgasm only to realize
you were in a spiritual world being attacked by a Jinn Mahaba or what is commonly known as love spirit/ spirit husband/wife. This can be to an extent whereby the woman feels and acts like she’s pregnant and at the end of nine months they give birth to unknown objects instead of a child, causes infertility, chest
complications and back pain. To an extent they also make men and women to have lesbian habit.

Failed Relationships and Marriages: Sleep paralysis and dark forces can cause marriages and relationships to break due to one partner getting pleasure in their dreams as explained above instead of getting it from their partner. This also leads to one partner finding the other unattractive, yet it is the jinn/ love spirit that has taken over.

Best Spiritual Clanser in Armenia Dr Sharif Ayub East African Astrologer

Best Spiritual Clanser in Armenia Dr Sharif Ayub East African Astrologer

Sex/intimacy: is spiritual, and couples should enjoy it in the physical with each other. Lack of intimacy in a marriage leads to disagreements over even other issues and in the long run lead to separation.

Mental Instability: Enough, uninterrupted sleep is important in our daily lives. Due to sleep paralysis and dark forces, someone cannot concentrate on their daily activities and always gets distracted by their thoughts or avoidable issues, noises surrounding them.

Anxiety: A person is always restless. They are always scared at what is happening or will happen in the future. They are always over thinking. This is because on could not relax well in their sleep.

Insomnia/ Sleep problems: It takes too long to get sleep or sleep comfortable until in the morning.

Anger: One gets angry all the time with petty issues. You always become irritated by things that should not steal your attention. This kind of anger can make you pick up fights and hate others for no reason. Other effects include and not limited to; Men Erectile Dysfunction, Women having long and painful
menstrual cycle, Migraines/ Unending headaches, Being addicted to a harmful drug i.e. Alcohol, Weed, Smoker in the efforts of finding solace.

Failed business/unemployment: – Here is whereby you start a business well and in the middle you are not interested anymore with it or it collapses in terms of customers reduce whereby it is caused by dark forces from your envious people around you. Unemployment is has become a disaster in and outside the country. Most cases are caused by dark forces because wherever you go you are followed by bad luck and to make matters worse you have good qualifications but at the end no one to employ you or you are employed in a short period and get fired with no clear explanation all that is because you have been attacked by evil forces, in this situation someone needs best cleansing to be relived from such forces as we also trust in God.

Failed Politics and promotion – This is a situation chosen by the community and due to dark forces following you, you have minor cases and the community loses faith in you again or in the middle of the race you are disqualified, or you win and the victory given to the opponent, (someone needs solution and spiritual cleansing from traditional healers & religious leaders) and also we trust in God. is whereby someone has the experience in work or you have worked for a long time for someone and due to dark forces, jealousy & hatred people around you, you end up not promoted and someone from nowhere with no experience gets the position you deserve or his/her salary rise up and not you yet you have worked tirelessly and no one recognizes your efforts. Solution for this situation is by cleansing and also trusting in God. In this kind of scenario, this type of suffering is far-fetched from a health/medical solution. The medical practitioners have done research and indicate that sleep paralysis is caused by stress, anxiety, old age, fatigue, migraines etc but that is not the case. Sleep paralysis and dark forces is not a medical condition but a spiritual condition and someone should seek for help and guidance from a spiritual, religious and traditional healer as we trust in God. The Holy Quran states ”shetan” is our enemy day and night, while the Holy Bible states the devil is always roaming looking for who to devour. It is at night that the evil spirits attack people. The evil spirit can possess one when asleep, having pleasure etc.

On Current & Daily Issues: Dr. Sharif Ayub advises the below for our healthy daily living: – Parental curses that are passed to the children by their father/ mother can only be solved by the parents who passed the cursed. It is important to obey and respect your parents at all circumstances because some of this curses are usually passed on to the 4th generation hence they should be resolved within the shortest time.

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