World Famous Astrologer Dr.Sheikh Sharif Ayub Africa’s Leading Spiritualist

Dr Sharif Ayub is a world renowned and famous Astrologer with his main office in Eastleigh Juja Road BH Stage As the leading African Astrologer Dr. Sheikh Sharif Ayub  Will help you with the following:

Personal compatibility reading

Personal compatibility reading is an Astrological method of determining whether two lovers are compatible with one another be it boyfriend and girlfriend or even husband and wife. Many people get married only to find out that they are not compatible with their partner. Finding out your compatibility with your partner is probably one of the best thing a couple can do before getting into a long term commitment

Career Reading

Career Reading Involves letting an Individual know whether the career path they are on is the best for them or whether they need to seek improvement or even change their career at some point. If your career is at  a point where you feel it might have stagnated then this service might be for you also if you are starting a new career then this can help guide you.

Past Life Reading

This reading helps you discover how what you have done in the past can help shape your future also if you have made mistakes in your past this reading will help you stay aware of your situation and how to approach similar occurrences in your future so that you can live a fulfilled life with few regrets fro your past.

World Famous Astrologer Dr.Sheikh Sharif Ayub Africa's Leading Spiritualist

World Famous Astrologer Dr.Sheikh Sharif Ayub Africa’s Leading Spiritualist


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