Is Visiting a Witch Doctor bad?

This is a question that many “religious” people with a holier than thou attitude ask often, although I might have generalised and assumed the above some people can only be forgiven because they are just confused.

Feist and foremost how do you want to define “bad”, If I asked you is drinking (soda) Coca Cola bad? What would you say? I am sure you wouldn’t jump and give a straight answer like yes and no actually your answer could be both Yes and No, it depends on the situation before we get blinded by the soda let’s go back to our question so is Visiting a witch doctor bad?

The answer is No, it’s not bad because witch Doctors have been part of our African society for centuries and it’s part of who we are before we were colonized by the white men, who came and told us that everything we believed was all wrong and that we needed to follow them.

But for some people who think they are holier than everyone of us they will argue that otherwise.

Is Visiting a Witch Doctor bad

Is Visiting a Witch Doctor bad


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