Are there Real Witch Doctors, Astrologer’s and Spiritual Healers in Kenya?

What you need to do is go to the Back pages of Kenya’s Newspapers and you will see why anybody would ask such a question it’s obvious there are too many witch Doctors some of them are Good men and women while others are just out to take your hard earned money with fake promises.

I have talked about how to tell a professional witch Doctor from the others, in a nutshell, he/she should have an office, with a permanent address he should be very courteous and treat you with utmost respect listen to your problems or issues whether you have money or not.

If you have any issues after visiting them you should always be welcomed back and the office should be open always because his/her duty is to serve you and ensure that your problems are solved to your satisfaction unless you are asking about ridiculous things.

So are there Real Witch Doctors in Kenya? The answer is Yes and Dr. Sharif Ayub is an example of the crème Dela Crème of witch Doctors so do not get discouraged or confused.
There are many Real Witch Doctors in Ukambani and Many parts of Kenya although they can’t compare to Dr. Sharif Ayub the Most Celebrated and appreciated witch doctor in Africa.

Are there Real Witch Doctors, Astrologers and Spiritual Healers in Kenya

Are there Real Witch Doctors, Astrologers and Spiritual Healers in Kenya


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