The Lady Was under the influence of a Jini which was sent to destroy everything she owned. Dr. Sharif Ayub took the chance to cast the spirit out of the lady. Pay close attention to this video and see what happened Dr. Sharif Ayub East African Top Astrologer Cast Demons out of a Possessed lady.The lady had consumed food contaminated by evil spirits Dr Sharif read the Quran and the demons fled. He advises people to pray before they eat. As Muslims we always say in the name of Allah the Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful . After saying this words eat your food. A Somali woman experiencing marital problems and miscarriages caused by an evil spirit inside her. The evil spirit had caused her to quarrel with her husband. Dr. Sharif Ayub interviewed the evil spirit he asked ” who are you? Who sent you? For how long have you been inside this lady?” the evil spirit replied “don’t worry we are going and we have been in this lady for three years” A woman from Nakuru, Kenya had an evil spirit which was destroying her family. Dr. Sharif Ayub intervened and interrogated the spirit. Who sent You? He asked the spirit The spirit replied, “the woman’s aunt had directed us to this lady as a sacrifice so as to destroy her family” Dr. Sharif went father to ask the evil spirit why it was disturbing the woman and her children. The spirit replied ” we were given our sacrifice and we will come back if you do not give us another sacrifice we will not get out of her” Dr. Sharif commanded the spirit in the name of Allah the most beneficent and the merciful. Allah answered the prayer immediately the recitation of the Qua ran also helped to drive the spirit away. Dr. Sharif made the spirit to submit and take the Shahadah and the spirit became a Muslim. The Shahadah is a special sentence: La illaha ila Allah wa Muhammadun rasoolollah (There is no (other) Lord except Allah and Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah. This phrase must be pronounced aloud infront of witnesses in order for someone to be initiated as a new Muslim. Rose is one of Dr. Sharif’s clients who came from the United States of America she was experiencing alot of turbulence in her Marriage but thanks Dr. Sharif Ayub her marriage is now standing strong. Michael is another client from the United Kingdom he is a sportsman and an entrepreneur he has experienced trumendous success since he visited Dr.Sharif Ayub. Eric is from Australia he had been duped and joined a freemason group without his knowledge Dr. Sharif advised him to disassociate himself with the group. He also helped Eric refund the members of the group who had given him cash. After that Eric decided to become a Muslim and also changed his name to Yasin. Anonymous a Kenyan politician who has seen his political career suffer even after being in KANU( a political party in kenya) came to Dr Sharif seeking a revival in his political dreams and he is doing well. A woman called Dr. Sharif telling him that her daughter was experiencing a lot of problems. The daughter had refused to eat, drink. Dr Sharif started casting the evil spirit out. The spirit confessed that a prominent Reverent had sacrificed her.