Three Ways to Win Your Ex Lover Back Explained by Dr. Sharif Ayub

Three Ways to Win Your Ex Lover Back Explained by Dr. Sharif Ayub

Three Ways to Win Your Ex Lover Back Explained by Dr. Sharif Ayub

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There are many ways to win your ex lover back, some people will get very dipressed after a breakup but I am here to tell you that you can have another chance with your ex Lover after your relationship comes to an end. Although you may want to get back with your ex-lover back  this is usually not the best option for you but today I will solely focus on how to get your ex lover back after a break up or a disagreement.

  1. Communication  With Your Ex Lover

Most relationships die because of lack of good communication many couples are not able to express themselves clearly when they feel like they have something that needs to be said. Being able to communicate in an open and direct way with your loved one is the best foundation you can ever build for any relationship but in the sad scenario you find yourself in a broken relationship opening up to your ex-lover and letting them know what really happened and exploring ways to fix the situation is the best thing you can do if you want to get back with your lover. Take this step if the relationship ended in a mutual understanding and if your ex-lover is not violent or abusive in any way shape or form, do not subject yourself to abuse or any harm in the hope of getting your ex-lover back.

      2. Use a Mediator (Talk to His/Her Parents or People he/she Respects)

Sometimes when  you break up with your ex-lover it can be harder to want to talk to them because of the heartache associated with a breakup you may also be unable to compose your line of thought in front of them thus it is a good idea to use a mediator this could be their friend that they respect, a family member or anybody else that you think they can actually listen to. This can be a very good option for many people because with the involvement of a mediator they can come in a non-partisan arbitrator and can help you resolve your disagreements in an amicable and productive way.

Three Ways to Win Your Ex Lover Back Explained by Dr. Sharif Ayub

Three Ways to Win Your Ex Lover Back Explained by Dr. Sharif Ayub

       3. Use Love Spells and Charms to Get your Ex-Lover Back (If Everything Else Fails)

If you truelly love your ex and he/she truelly loves you back and your breakup was due to some issues that you can forgive them for or they can forgive you for then you need to do everything to get them back. Love Spells are only to be used if you have tried all the other options above and failed and if the you still have love left forr each other otherwise it does not make sense to attract someone you don’t love or doesn’t love you back this will only bring more misery to your life. As I have explained before love spells are very powerful and should be deployed on people that you see yourself spending the rest of your life with otherwise you will be hurting yourself and the person you if you are not committed to each other.


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