What Does an African Healers/Astrologers do

What Does an African Healers/Astrologer do

What Does an African Healers/Astrologers do

African Healer

African Spiritual Healers are some of the least appreciated people in our society and yet the role they perform in our society is very crucial. For those who don’t know yet, the term African Healer can refer to a traditional witch doctor, a herbalist, an exorcist among other things. These are people who are very respected traditionally in the African Society they heal the spiritually wounded and give them more hope to face adversities in their lives.

Traditionally African Herbalist have been known to cure some diseases for Centuries and they were the only people who understand ailments and their causes they have been shown to save more lives.

African Spiritual Healers were known to act as mediators and they would resolve conflicts between parties amicably enabling cohesion in the community.

African traditional healers have been known to be leaders in communities in times of hunger and great drought they stood up and sacrificed the necessary animals to bring rains and such things.

African traditional healers were also Known to be Warriors they would use their charms against a hostile attack for example during The Colonialization of Africa Traditional Healers were at the fore front defending their communities with all the charms and spells they had in their arsenal.

What Does an African Healers/Astrologer do

What Does an African Healers/Astrologer do


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