5. Things Pope Francis should Address in his visit to Kenya.

5. Things Pope Francis should Address in his visit to Kenya.

AIDS & CANCER politics in kenya Religion

The Pope’s visit could not have come at a better time for this country just a few weeks after the president of the United States of America Barrack Obama left the country. The visit by the Pope on 25 Wednesday November 2015 will bring some much needed positive light to this country. After being labelled the ‘hot bed’ of terror by CNN remarks which they later apologized for it goes without saying that our country is peaceful.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis he will. Visit Kenya in November 25th 2015

However I feel that the Pope has to address several issues when he pays our beloved Nation a visit.

1.HIV/AIDS and Cancer are killer diseases in our country ten of thousands of lives are lost each year therefore the Pope should tell the citizen of our beloved Country to Visit Medical doctors for their medical problems and when it comes to matters of spiritual well being they can visit the Preachers, Priests, Pastors and Astrologers in a country where many preachers claim to cure such diseases it easy for the common citizen to be misled.
He should talk about how the church is solely a place for spiritual nourishment.

2.The Church & Politics we have all witnessed what has been happening to our churches they have bee turned into a political battle field. Politicians have been taking turns to use the Church as a channel to spread their political agenda, there is nothing wrong with that apart from the church is the wrong place for Politics. Eminent Religious leaders such as Cardinal John Njue should be in the fight against such shameless use of the church by our political leaders for their own gain.

3.Fair division of Resources In a country full of abundance it’s hard to imagine how some in our society struggle each day just to have a meal.You would be forgiven to think that most of the leaders in this country want a fair society where the gap between the poor and the rich is not gigantic.On the contrary leaders there are leaders with large tracks of lands which they have acquired illegally by evicting the poor.

4.IDP’s & 2007/08 Post Election Violence The country almost plunged to anarchy in 2007/08 IDMC estimates that there is still a substantial number of internally displaced people (IDPs) in Kenya as of 24 April 2015. This is a shocking. Revelation dispite the government’s efforts. There is the need for the citizens of this country to learn to tolerate each other. The Pope’s message can help all of us think about what we can lose due to intolerance.

5.2017 Elections It’s 2015 and it feels like 2017 is just one month away political swords have been drawn already. Pope Francis should highlight why it is important for politicians not to divide this country along political lines again as witnessed in 2007/08 violence.

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