When Should you visit Dr. Sharif Ayub East African Most Successful Astrologer


When Should you visit Dr. Sharif Ayub East African Most Successful Astrologer

African Healer

1. When Dealing curses

A curse is brought by people’s own actions and in some cases your family members can spell a curse over you out of jealousy and that is witch craft in another way e.g One’s life is seen  be doing well and on the right track and then it changes for the worse your marriage breaks children start misbehaving and In some cases they can become insane. Your life becomes full of bad luck and only bad things follow you. If you were running a business or having a financially stable job everything crashes and is reduced to nothing.

We have parents who curse their children with a reason according to me they are somehow right and also it is evil for the parent to do so without a good reason. If Children neglect their parent at old age yet the parent suffered to raise them the children will pick a curse.


Some children go as far as starting a fight with their parents and end up bWhen Should you visit Dr. Sharif Ayub East African Most Successful Astrologereating them they will definitely pick a curse anything the parents ask they should be given.

Parents should pray for their children God created everybody in this world. My advice to parents is to avoid situations that might bring confrontations between them and their children. What if your parents did to you the same things you are doing to your children what would you have done?

To deal with the above curses visit a traditional healer in your community the family can also bring together a gathering of community elders and burn some herbs a animal should be slaughtered to get rid of the curse. God will receive the prayer because he is the creator of everything on earth including us human beings.

2. When Dealing Jinn

Jinn is a spirit , it is a creation of God, Allah; According to the Holly Quran (Quran 37:1-5, Quran 72:1-28) they were created before humans and were created from fire. They believe in God and some don’t those that don’t believe in God are evil, the Kafirs.  Some Jinn are very naughty they can move from where they live and go attacking people in their houses. The bad Jinn can come in form of a person eg Man or Woman a person you may know or in form of fire, cats, Dogs, Snakes etc.

3. When Dealing With Spiritual Problems in Children

In some families there is a lot of hatred where the families of the couples don’t get along this can make couple’s child to suffer and bad thing start happening to them. The Child can stop breastfeeding or even eating and this only leads to more misunderstanding between the families.

A child who has this problem you notice they have restlessness between 2:00am -5:00am they may start crying , sleepless, runs from one room to another and says they are having dreams and they are generally terrified in life.

This can be noticed from the time the child is born or thereafter; when a few days old baby cries all the time take the baby to a sheikh you can also take the baby to a mosque and you will get help.


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