Why Your Man Has Changed and Stopped Loving you as he Used to

Why Your Man Has Changed and Stopped Loving you as he Used to

Why Your Man Has Changed and Stopped Loving you as he Used to

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Some years ago I overheard a group of women discussing their men some of them admitted that they fell in love with the man not because of who he was but because of who he could become, they saw the potential in their men. This statement sums up everything a woman marries a man expecting that the man will change and become somebody better than he used to be, but when a man marries a woman he expects the woman to stay the same and never change unfortunately we all change.

When It comes to men I would like to say that men are simple creatures, they are not hard to understand and they are individuals of a pattern if a man likes something they don’t want it to change they want things to stay the same.


Work affects a relationship in a big way than most couples would like to admit if there is a lot of stress in the man’s job that energy will be transferred to the relationship between the man and the woman. The man may become very easily agitated by things that never used to bother him. This can make the woman in the man’s life feel less appreciated an, in turn, feel less loved by her man.


In every relationship, I have had a chance to rescue have been told a certain family member is a reason why the husband and wife are not getting along well, in some cases, this might be true but in other cases, this is usually just the couple shifting blame to a third party. Relatives especially parents who are too attached to their son can ruin the son’s love for his woman/wife by casting doubts into his head.

Age and Maturity

When men are younger they are very attached to their women but after a few babies and a couple of years in  relationship men mature and become more independent emotionally, this does not mean that these men don’t love their women anymore is just that they have learned to become their own people and they cherish time alone or even spending time with their friends. This is a level of maturity that most men achieve but it does not mean that these men would walk away from their women no no no.

The Woman

I hate to tell you this but it takes two to tangle, If your man has been acting weirdly recently you might have something to do with his behaviour, I would not like to blame women for the actions of their men but in some cases the woman’s action can cast doubt on a man’s love for her.

Why Your Man Has Changed and Stopped Loving you as he Used to

Why Your Man Has Changed and Stopped Loving you as he Used to


If your man just suddenly stops showing you the love he used to and the reason is not one of the above then it’s time to imagine what no one in a relationship would imagine i.e. You as his woman you are not alone, you have company but before you jump to conclusion you need to be sure that this is true by looking out for signs.

This is not the exhaustive list of reasons which lead to man’s love for his woman to fade but they among the major ones.


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